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From our primary sponsor the following message was given through an interview many years ago and whose support and unsolicitied financial investment and trust has been ongoing ......

Gene ThompsonGene Thompson, CEO of Queensland Triple M business talks about the Joy of Giving

Interviewed by Marie Brunger, March 2009

I feel both blessed and inspired each time I come across business men who admit that their heart does play a major role in making major decisions both in their personal and business life. Gene Thompson is one of these men. He is a successful man and the managing director of a dynamic, privately owned manufacturing company, Triple M Holdings. His business which currently employs around 145 people extends services nationally and internationally. The respect he has for his team and the equal respect he has gained particularly from his long term employees and clients, together with consistent results and growth over many decades, are a true reflection of what this man is all about. His commitment to personal and spiritual growth has not only enriched his life but the ripples of his commitment are infecting and affecting those here and abroad in the most positive way.

My curiosity was really aroused and so I asked him what are the keys to his success in this modern day world, and his answer was "Core Values", some of which he shared and defined below. For Gene the first value is Self Responsibility. It’s about accepting responsibility for all the events and situations in life rather than blaming others. In doing so we take back the power and therefore we have the opportunity to put right the so called wrongs.

Rather than taking people on board and trying to change them into something or someone we want them to be, we need to be in allowance. Allowance is about allowing others to be who they are and supporting them in their strengths so that they can overcome their so called weaknesses and become their potential. The benefits of this are often that they rise above the rest and provide the very best not only for themselves but for others.

Total Honesty speaks for its self. When we are honest with ourselves we can be honest with others and together we can work from a place of Integrity. Gene feels that we are on the edge of a business revolution where integrity will be the difference between businesses rising and businesses falling.

Self Love …Where does love fit into his life and business? According to Gene, Self love is nothing more (or less) than being okay with the heart of who you are, or ‘Standing Alone’ which means being at one with Source, or reaching the point of not being influenced by anything or anyone else outside of oneself. In other words not worrying about the opinions of others and being able to stand firm with what feels right for you.

This 'feeling stufff leads us to the next important factor – Tithing. Gene believes that "What you give, you get. Or, if you want it, you give it." For him the 'gift of money is the gift of love'. This is so close to his heart that following the second bombing in Bali he stepped up and gave a substantial amount of money that enabled the building and establishment of an educational facility for financially challenged children. When asked what impelled him to donate so much money his answer was that "It felt right". He expects nothing in return. His gift is totally unconditional. Since its completion in February 2007, Campuhan College in Ubud has provided part and full time training, retraining and education for over one thousand Balinese students; proving that through every adversity there really is a seed of opportunity - if we choose to look for it. These young people are proof that we can choose to be a victim or, we can choose again and become a victor – Great examples of 'I'f it’s to be, it’s up to me'.

And let’s not underestimate the possible ripple that takes place when helping just one person or one project. Often the ripple of such good deeds or seeds are spread further than our mind can imagine, often becoming a wave or even a tsunami of love and support that influences millions.

Through the gift of Gene’s original donations, Campuhan College has gone on to become the Karuna Bali Foundation, a non profit Indonesian organisation on the brink of making significant changes in the lives of potentially tens of thousands of young people.

2017 - ten years on, from providing sponsorship education to so many young people, Karuna Bali Foundation has three primary functions: Teacher Training which offers the principals of the UNESCO endorsed “Living Values Education” Program to Indonesian school teachers to assist in opening the minds and realising the potential of their young individuals. This is an ongoing program to help under educated teachers improve their skills, knowledge and resources to enable them to embrace Living Values and give their students the best possible opportunity to learn and grow. One trained teacher can benefit students for decades.

The College’s ongoing educational media classes are developing an educational material production program that will have world wide application. EduCare is taking young children’s education and care out into the community. A volunteer program whereby scholarship students, teachers and volunteers take the principals and programs designed by Campuhan College into disadvantaged communities to upgrade and support challenged schools.

Can you imagine how it must feel to know that you have been responsible for starting the momentum of a venture that will eventually reach into 17,000 islands and hundreds of schools and communities?

With the growth of Karuna Bali Foundations activities assured, it is apparent that it will require significant funding for the next few years, Triple M is inviting SE Qld business men and women to adopt this program as a regional effort to help our neighbours. The great thing here is that as we commit to helping our neighbouring Indonesian youth we are also helping to raise money for the children in our own backyard! As a part of the support for Karuna Bali’s Indonesian initiative, a portion of all donations go to support the activities of disadvantaged children in Queensland through Paradise Kids, a long established non profit organisation based on the Gold Coast. Isn’t this a fine example of as you give, you get back? And all donations over $250 are tax deductible. Information on this regional fund is available from Karuna’s Australian office on +61 7 4169 0301 (within Australia, 07 4169 0301).

This website provides full information and a wealth of pictures, videos, student testimonials and details of the organisation’s work.

I challenge you to take a good look at the great work that is being done, then do your self a favour and take action. As this great success story demonstrates, every small deed has the potential to become the sweet fruits that were once the seed of a dream.

Immediately below are letters from Campuhan College students expressing their thanks - click on a thumbnail to view in full.


First before I don't know how to use computer, now I can use it more better, and even I can give some knowledge to other people, with English. After I join Campuhan College I became more confident and better in talking with foreigners.

The benefit that I feel is good for my development career, where I can learn more about computer technology. And all at once could be my source of learning.

My relation with other become wider and increases my self confident, I can received some knowledge in Campuhan College.

Now it is easy to give people a bit of source from what I learned to my friends at work, it is very important and good because it helps my career. That gives a good job ,a high salary after I graduate from Campuhan College.

And Now I like my job because it suite with my level that I study in Campuhan College, all at once. They trusted me to became a Graphic designer at Tabra International, it is a jewelry design company. That owned by a Californian.

When I was at Campuhan College I’ve got a social project at Jatiluwih, by giving knowledge about English subject to the kids there. Although the help that I give to them is not so much, I am to use my knowledge.

— Ayu


After graduating from Senior High School, I was confused. I didn’t know whether working or continuing to study. I didn’t have enough money to continue my study; of course the cost is really expensive. I didn’t have any job experience as well. So , what should I do?

Fortunately, then I got an opportunity to continue my study at Campuhan College. I feel many benefits that I get, especially in English and Computer. When I was at Campuhan College step by step I start understanding about English and computer that I didn’t know before, I feel more confident than before. My friends used to help me if I didn’t understand the subject, and so did I. We shared each other.

What I studied at Campuhan College bring big influence at my job now. Even right now I am still studying some new computer programs such as Solidwork 2003 and Indesign Cs2 that I didn’t get at CC. That is a challenge for me because at work I have to use those programs.

Now, I work at CV. Masa Kini, a big furniture company owned by a French and his wife who are Indonesian. My job over there is draw furniture design such as bed, cabinet, chair, etc. At the first month , I felt really uncomfortable, may be just need bit time to adapt with the atmosphere. Time passed by, now I feel more comfortable. The most interesting thing is when I got my first salary, I was very happy and I am proud of myself.

There for I would like to say thank you so much for CEO4 Teens, Karuna Bali and Campuhan College, because of it’s help I can be my self as right now.

— Eka


First I would like to say thank you very much to Karuna Bali Foundation & CEO4Teens. That has given me an opportunity to learn about English and also computer. The blessing that I have got from Campuhan college I can see the world. So that Campuhan College is like a way, for my selves to be a better person. Beside that now I am feel more confidant. I learned so many things in Campuhan College. It is my inspiration to realized my dreams

I can not say anything more because of the blessings Karuna Bali Foundation , CEO4Teens and Campuhan College. I feel myself and my life better than yesterday. Once again thank you very much.

— Dian