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EduCare Evolved

EduCare Evolved

Since 2008 up to 2016 EduCare Program had been offered to 41 rural schools in 3 districts in Bali. Initially EduCare was designed with the primary goal of giving elementary school children an opportunity to immerse themselves in fun learning experience.

The program was held in the schools either on Saturdays or Sundays. It was also the place where our scholarship students could do their pay-forward, extending the kindness they experienced to others.

Later on, we also involved volunteers from universities, especially those teachers candidates, to give them a time where they can experience a different kind of teaching or more so facilitating. And much later, we include the teachers, giving them the training and experience necessary to continue using EduCare methods in their daily activity.

A solid team to run the program was in place and the demand for this program was very high as teachers had seen very significant impacts with their students who have received EduCare program. The impacts of the program was measured on the students' level of self-confident, happiness, engagement and their attendance and the result was satisfying, however teachers and number of teachers participating in the program was low.

As Karuna Bali was aiming for sustainability of the program, teachers' participation in the Living Values Workshop and EduCare program had become so vital for sustainability of the program. Despite teachers' strong desire in participating, they also had a hard time to keep up with their administrative tasks assigned to them on top of their teaching time and consequently had very little or even no space left to learn and to develop new skills, and this, had become a big challenge for sustainability.

In 2016 Karuna Bali changed the focus of EduCare program to provide all the teachers in an Elementary School with weekly Living Values Workshop and also teach them various type of values based activities that they can immediately used in their class rooms.

The length of program is designed for one year that aims to provide intensive accompaniment to the teachers that ensure they gain enough awareness and skills for them to create value based school that they dream of.

One school in Bangli district was excited about the program, agreeing to adopt EduCare as a pilot project, several days workshop was carried out in the school on Saturdays and until suddenly unexpected change of policy by the government was implemented that allows almost no space for the school to continue with this pilot project.

While this second format of EduCare was being "on hold", Campuhan College One Year students wanted to continue their paying-forward program. Within their own group they adopted the first format for a community version of EduCare thus "Let's Talk" was born.

It was exciting to see the students taking this innovative approach, with the desire and willingness to take responsibility for the managing and delivery of the program into the community by our students and alumni with no involvement from College faculty.

Let's Talk

Previously EduCare was undertaken in schools under the auspices of Campuhan College. Now "Let's Talk" is offered yearly to schools and by request of village (banjar) elders and sub-villages. The first "Let's Talk" program was held in a local community hall for three months period from February to April 2017 with astonishing number of participants and warm welcome from the villages. The villages are very happy and have requested for the program to be continued.

This exciting evolution will open many new doors.