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Sponsorship Opportunities

Financial contributions are the life blood of any assistance program and very much appreciated!

Karuna Bali is fortunate that all administrative costs are funded and 100% of sponsorship donations are applied to the program nominated by the donor. 

We have many opportunites where support is really appreciated and we would like to share these with you whether full Sponsorship of an individual student or small monthly donations.

Please check out the various options below then share with us your particular areas of interest.  Please use the communication panel on the Contact and Donations page.:

Become a Friend of Karuna Bali

Over the years many have participated in the KB Club with monthly donations and collectively have funded one year students needing a sponsor, purchased vital equipment, helped with admin costs…



Each year we select from 40 - 50 students wanting sponsorship a small group of 25 to participate with us in becoming the new leaders.  Sadly until now, the…


East West Relationship Programs

KARUNA BALI encourages interaction at all levels of the local community and enjoys the visits from travelers to Bali.  The special relationship we have with our sponsors is important…


A Volunteer's Perspective

It is Saturday morning and I have been invited to attend a preparatory meeting at Campuhan College in Ubud, Bali, for the Rural Village Educare Program. The meeting starts at…


Would You Like to Volunteer?

If you are interested in contributing to Karuna Bali activities in Bali, please download these two important documents:

Download Attached Files

Karuna Bali Volunteer Application Form
Download: Click here
File size: 123.40KB

Karuna Bali Volunteer Code of Conduct
Download: Click here
File size: 126.71KB

Notice to Australian Accountants

Would you like to offer your business and personal clients an exciting and engaging alternative to the usual run of charities for tax deductible donations? Could you support an innovative,…


Student Loans

For one off loans to assist specific students and their activities. The range of loan starts from USD200 and is paid back in one year or maximum two years with…


Short Course Sponsorship

Option 1:  For a young person between 12-20 years seeking to gain a stronger Values based education. The student is chosen by Karuna Bali or you may nominate a particular…


EduCare Rural Village Sponsorship

  The Evolution of EduCare During the period from 2008 to 2016 the EduCare Program has been offered to 46 rural schools in Bali. Initially, EduCare was designed with the…


Special Equipment Sponsorship

A one time financial donation which allow us to purchase items of equipment essential for teaching purposes; computers, video cameras, projectors, upgrading facilities for our student outrdoor activities etc. All…


Full Board Educational Scholarship

Supporting a young person from a financially challenged family living too far from the College with one year full time education as above PLUS.....providing one year of full board…


Educational Scholarship

Providing individuals from financially challenged background with distinctive motivation for self improvment.  They are drawn from a variety community segments - some endorsed by local high school principals, orphanages and…