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Sponsorship Opportunities


Each year we select from 40 - 50 students wanting sponsorship a small group of 25 to participate with us in becoming the new leaders. 

Sadly until now, the remaining students who were unable to get into the One Year program after having the courage to put themselves forward and going through an intensive evaluation assessment have missed out. 

This year for the first time, the faculty team at KB, led by Wayan are inspired to no longer say, "Sorry" and send these young people away.  They are right now designing a three month super intensive Potential Awakening curriculum that will be a massive advancement to developing a young person's future.  The first class of 20 - 25 who are waiting will commence alongside the One Year students in August.

There is a sponsorship opportunity to give these young people an awesome gift for just US $250.  We have 25 such sponsors to find.

You would be opening a magical doorway to a whole new future.