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Living Values

LVE Indonesia Report

Warm greetings from Bali,Indonesia!

Here we have some very unseasonal weather patterns, sometime there are torrential rain, even some ice and snow, interspersed with scorching heat. Rain does affect workshops here, as they cause quite a disruption of sea and air travel, two travel modes that is most common here. But it does not stop LVE trainers all over Indonesia to deliver the workshops.

Educator Workshops

During the period of January to April 2017, there were 26 3-days Educator Workshops happened all over Indonesia. There were 589 participants, consisted of teachers, lecturers, principals, deans of teaching faculty, university students who will become teachers, and parents. A special mention to The Asia Foundation (Mr Budhy Munawar-Rachman and others) for running the program to build the capacity of lecturers in Tarbiyah Faculties (Teacher Training Faculty) of State Islamic University all over Indonesia. These lecturers in turn will train future teachers which will become the backbone of Indonesia’s education system.

There’s also Yayasan Indonesia Bahagia (Happy Indonesia Foundation) (Ms Anggraeni Dewi and her team) which focused on providing training for young parents in Jakarta area. While in eastern side of Indonesia, Parakletos Foundation (Ms Elsye Syauta Latuheru and team) bravely sails the Mollucan sea to deliver workshops in nearby islands. In Bali, Green School (with Mr Made Perdana Skolastika as trainer) also got into the act by delivering their CSR (corporate social responsibility) by delivering free LVE workshops for teachers of several nearby local schools.

With all these works we have to deal with, we really need LVE trainers. That’s why now we at Karuna Bali Foundation (the ALIVE associate in Indonesia) decided to make Train The Trainer workshops an annual event. This year we held the TTT workshop in Bandung, West Java, in order be close to the State Islamic University of Bandung, where most of the candidate trainers teach. From 15 to 19 March 2017, 21 candidates train themselves under the guidance of Ms Taka Gani as lead trainer and Mr Philip Yusenda and Mr Mohammad Ziaulhaq as co-trainer. These candidates has prepared themselves for the last 2 years by attending educator workshops and interning under one of the senior trainers. Out of 21 participants, 20 new trainers willing to sign the contract to become the volunteer trainer of LVE Indonesia.

Upcoming event

We’re re-translating and editing the Indonesian version of the activities books, trainer book, and parent group facilitator book. We’re hoping to release it by September 2017.

That’s all the news from Indonesia, folks.

Warm regards from Bali