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Vision & Mission

Karuna Bali Vision

A world in which every individual realizes and expresses their utmost potential, where everyone’s life is an embodiment of values, and every action benefits humanity.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities and resources that educate, inspire and empower each individual to realize their own potential.

To be committed to a culture that demonstrates integrity and supports a desire to be of service through loving actions.

To support the development of our own personal and environmental Values, leadership and communication, and extend these through a variety of individual, group and community educational programs.

To value and honour the people in our team by providing unparallel working conditions, both emotional and physical and not leaving anyone behind.

To recognize that each person has the right to determine their own religious beliefs and as an organization we uphold the simple philosophy that God is the binding Truth that over-lights all spiritual and religious beliefs.


Belief in God and service to our brothers and sisters is our compass.

Strategic Plan

  Ongoing- Establish a model of nurturing the trainers program for Living Values in partnership with all the trainers and other organization that implementing Living Values.   Review the Leadership…