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Karuna Bali Admin Team

IGede Supardika - Director

I was born in a happy and simple family in Bulian village on March 23rd, 1990. I joined Karuna Bali on October 3rd 2013 after I got my Bachelor's degree majoring English Education in Ganesha University of Education in the same year. I am a highly motivated person, which help me adapt to any position and situation easily.

I love Karuna Bali as the way it is. It is a pleasure being a part of this circle; there isn't any pressure at work and togetherness of the staff make us like a family. This place doesn't only provides jobs, but also provides chances to grow and develop our passion at the same time.

After so many years involved in different positions I am thrilled to have been appointed Director and look forward to the years ahead in this exciting new role.

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