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Karuna Bali Admin Team


Ni Kadek Salendri

Hi, my name is Ni Kadek Salendri, also known as Salen. I graduated from Ganesha University of Education in 2016. I was born in Gianyar on August 3rd, 1994.

I work as an LVE Officer since August 1st, 2019. Previously, I worked as a Temporary Primary Teacher for 6 months and a Teaching Assistant for 2 years at Dyatmika. In my free time, I love to participate in social activities and meet many good people with a variety of characters. I also served as a secretary voluntarily for 2 years at Seka Teruna, an organization for young people in Bali focusing on arts, culture, and sports as well as soft skills development. I usually volunteering on my holiday, teaching the local community. Recently, I joined a Trash Hero, the environmental organization movement in Bali.

Being a part of a big family of Karuna Bali Foundation is such a blessing for me. I met so many beautiful hearts who always support each other here. They all help me to grow in a beautiful way.