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The Seed of Kindness

A cultivating environmental awareness and paying-forward project that is undertaken by the students of one-year of Leadership & Communication Program. This project is part of a one-year project of Thousand Acts of Kindness in conjunction with Earth Day celebration that aims:

To provide the students a simple unique way to practically demonstrating values of kindness, love, caring, cooperation, discipline, respect, tolerant, responsibility and also so many other values that could be cultivated through this project. to give the students an opportunity to practically demonstrate their leadership such as creating a good team work, distributing tasks and responsibility among the group member.this project also as a mean for the student to pay forward to the environment and also to pay forward to all the support that they have received for studying at Campuhan College, as all the income generated from the sale of the seedling will be used to support a student to attend a one-year program on Leadership and Communication at Campuhan College to provide the students the experience the joy of contributing.

The main event to celebrate the earth day was held on 23rd of April 2017 from morning to evening at Campuhan College. Thank you to all the alumnae of Campuhan College, supporters, donors and also drop in visitors for all your supports.

On 21st of April 2017, two day prior to the main event, the students of Campuhan College also were invited to come to Green School for Earth Day celebration. A stand was provided for them to display and sell their seedling to the visitors. Thanks to the Green School for their support.

Total sale generated from this event is IDR 9000.000, while the expense is IDR 1.700.000 so the net profit is 7000.000 that will be used to sponsor a partial cost of sponsoring a student (IDR 12.000.000 for one year tuition only)