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This Gift of Trust has been given to Karuna Bali in buckets full - yes, of course we think of the donors and sponsors who provide the education cost that supports our students and especially, and in gratitude to our primary sponsor who gives funds to ensure that this is one foundation that does not have to take from educational donations to cover the admin cost.  How blessed are we?  

Yet, beyond the obvious we acknowledge the students who give us the Gift of their Trust by committing  yet another year of their lives to experience the Leadership and Communication progam, after already 'served' 13 years in the school system.  They could so easily have gone and found work, to buy the same toys their peers have. 

And then silently behind them, the Parents and families who live in unimaginable circumstances in the hills of Bali whose Gift of Trust is showered upon us to take their precious child away, into an unknown world so that they might break the bounds of poverty that haunt their parents lives. That is the most amazing Gift of Trust I can imagine for  the families forego the income from their child's income or his or her contribution in the fields.

It goes beyond the Parents even to the grandparents and relatives who are so removed that there is little understanding of this new world.into which their grandchildren are entering yet they too accept with the same Gift of  Trust of the parents that they know what they are doing.

What of the team at KB? The facilitators of the courses, the workshops, the admin people behind the scenes, after hours social acttivities, for they too all give their Gift of Trust that both their time and effort is making a difference in the world.

Let's hear it then for the magic of those three words - Gift of Trust - for they bring forth all the Values which epitomise Living Values education:

Peace, Love, Respect, Cooperation, Tolerance, Responsibility, Honesty, Humility, Happiness, Simplicity, Freedom and Unity.

Who could doubt that Divine Presence was at play?