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Students Seeking Scholarship Sponsors for 2018-2019 Year

Assistance Is Now Being Sought for 2018-2019 Scholarships-

One Year Tuition only cost : US$1,200 or US$100 paid monthly.  Or for Full Board and Tuition US $ 2,200 or US $185 paid monthly. 

2018-2019 student profiles awaiting sponsorship are available on request.

Shown here are some profiles of past students. 

1. Ni Wayan Firgantari

When she graduated from junior high, Firgantari's parent got no resources at all to support her to high school. Undeterred, Firga chose to work to accumulate enough money to pay her schooling. For 3 years, she worked as assistant hair dresser at a beauty salon nearby her house. From that work, she managed to pay her own schooling, although she become the oldest in her class by 3 years. Now she is accepted to Campuhan College, her chance for a better life through education brighten considerably, without the need to exchange a significant time of her life to raise fund to go to school.

2. I Gede Budi Santika

Budi Santika family lives on a borrowed patch of land in a borrowed house. It was lent by his mother's boss, with the term that she can use it as long as she works for him. There's no other place for them to live, so Budi Santika's entrance to Campuhan College really gives them a hope for a more independent future as a family.

3. I Komang Angga Sila Dharma

Angga's parent was divorced, and he alternately lives in either house. His father runs a snack and beverages stall serving pilgrims to Batur mountain temple (not a very profitable business since pilgrim season only happen twice a year). Her mother runs a small shop in Kintamani area. But most of Angga's time was spent as tattooist in tourist area such as Sukawati, making temporary tattoo from henna for tourist. Angga wants a better live than making tattoo, that's why he enroll in Campuhan College.

4. Ni Made Citra Puspita Sari

Citra is a very active teen. After helping her mother run her food stall, she also help at school project. She has been involved in several photography and video projects. Her teachers also assigns her as master of ceremony for some of their events since her personality really is an outgoing one. Her family is a very loud and happy one, despite their semi-nomaden livestyle due to her father changing jobs. Currently they lives in Gianyar over a borrowed land, where they built a food stall, a saw repair shop, and a tiny house.

5. Ni Kadek Wari Adnyani

Wari heard about Campuhan College a year ago. She already calculated that her parents can't afford to support her transport and meal even if she is accepted. So she went to work as administrative assistant in a construction company in Sanur for a year to collect the money. Now, after she got the money, she enrolled herself in Campuhan College, in hope for a better future.

6. Ni Putu Resinta Sari

Resinta parent works as landless farmer in remote area of Bali. That's why her parents as her uncle (who lives in Bangli, a bigger town) to house and send her to school. Resinta usually helps around her uncle house after school, either taking care of his children or minding the stall in front of his house. Being accepted to Campuhan College means Resinta has a broader choice for her own future, not just what are available to her parents and uncle.

7. I Wayan Adi Pariadi

12 years ago, Adi's brother was born. But his condition was immediately become critical, and later on it was find out that he caught polio. Now, Adi's brother grown into a 12 years old who cannot do anything by himself as his body is as limp as a baby. It takes a whole family in turn taking care of him. His father and mother work as brick maker, which definitely cannot afford a home care for their child. That's why Adi was obsessed to find a job with a good income that enable him to support his brother. His enrollment in Campuhan College was one bright mark on his way to achieve his dream.

If you are able to assist one of these young people receive an education this year, please contact Wayan Rustiasa in Bali or Raj Miles in Australia :

wayan@karunabali.com or raj@elohim.com