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Ni Komang Tri Agustini - CAMPUHAN College Reception & Admin

My name is Ni Komang Tri Agustini. I was born in Gianyar on August 5th, 1997. After graduated from high school, I got a one-year Professional Program scholarship at Campuhan College. It was an extraordinary opportunity for me. Two years after graduated from Campuhan College, precisely in September 2018,  I returned to this beautiful place as an admin staff. A place where I grow up, get to know myself, develop my potential to be better.

Being in this place with the people here is a beautiful gift for me, the moment that I can’t exchange for anything because they are very special people. I really feel so comfortable here. When I need to know about something, they kindly guide and teach me. Campuhan College gave me so many experiences that I will never forget. I am very grateful to be part of Campuhan College. Thank you Campuhan College.