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News Update

News Update

Since posting this news item in November we have received many more sponsorships than the 64 original names listed below and new students are being offered sponsorship.

The high schools in Bali that are sending their students are so thrilled, not only by the acceleration in English language ability but more importantly for Karuna Bali, the astounding difference in self confidence, speaking out and greater interest in helping one another. As a result some 360 students have been offered to us for this course, however we do not choose to compromise our small, efficient maximum 20 to a class groups, so this will take some time.

Please continue your support — we are continuing to seek sponsors for this successful venture and are wait listing sponsors, allocating students as the new enrollments occur.

Dear Friends of the Heart,

At times when our world looks a little shakey it is vital that we continue to keep our hearts open and be willing to help others - I have just received this message from Iluh at Karuna Bali ­ the demand from students to receive education continues and the receptivity and the results astound us - we just cannot say, "No".

Can you help by choosing a young student and supporting them in their quest for learning?  The English Course is partially sponsored by the student and another organisation, our commitment is meeting the difference.  The intensive tuition the student receives is for 24 lessons over a two month period given to a maximum twenty students per class.

The cost for this group is a one time payment from as little as AUD$25 or US$18.75 per student