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An Update of One-Year Professional Program Students Campuhan College

Graduation and Initiation Days

The graduation of one-year professional program students this year was very special and memorable. It’s because Karuna Bali Foundation family also celebrated the tenth anniversary of the foundation at the same time. We felt so fortunate that we can still run the foundation after these years. Nothing can be compared to express our deepest gratitude, happiness, and joy. It’s the biggest gift for us this year. Hands of cooperation from each staff, donors, students, students’ parents, and all friends of Karuna Bali all these years bring so much happiness in the life of many. As the theme of the graduation is “The Gift of Trust”, it means a lot for us. The trust that has been given to Karuna Bali from everyone makes everything possible. Thank you for being involved in this circle of trust, which brings happiness, fortunes, and harmony in students’ life. Witnessing the students’ progress after this one year was a valuable experience for us.

We become more inspired to keep facilitating the students from our contented hearts. Seeing the students’ bright and blooming faces during the graduation creating the feelings of contentment and bliss within. Thank you for your love.

Now the students have become the alumnae, but the feeling of family is still there in both students and staff. Every once and a while they come to CAMPUHAN College just to say “hello” and share their experience after the graduation. Most of them said that they feel so fortunate to have the experience to learn values, which are very important for them in their working life. One of the students who shared her experience is Sunny.

The leadership and communication skill that I have learned in CAMPUHAN College is very important for me. Now, I am working in Ubud and the situation in a working place is very different from the college’s life. I just faced a challenge with my senior in my working place. I applied my values: respect and humility to face it and it worked well. I feel so fortunate to learn various skills in CAMPUHAN College.

From the 24 alumnae (CAMPUHAN college students, batch 10), half of them already work, one student continues her study in university, and the others are still waiting for interview. After graduation, some of them directly work in their internship places. They have done their best during their internship so they were asked to work there. We are proud of them. They also involved during the initiation days for the new students, batch 11.

In the beginning of August, the new students started their initiation day. They were enthusiastic to join “Leadership From Within” workshop. They began to know each other closer. The outbound activity, part of the initiation days, was also lots of fun. They got to know Ubud area and their friends better. The alumnae were also great helpers, which led the students in each post with staff. This year, the concept of the initiation was quite different. The students used to be accompanied by their seniors to every post but this year they were accompanied by the facilitators. It gave a chance for the facilitators to observe the students’ behavior and way of interaction with their teams. Meanwhile other staff and alumnae were in the post; they prepared some games to see their cooperation. It was a great day; everyone seemed so cooperative, joyful and respectful to one another. The students’ opinions about the initiation days:

I am Nagia. The initiation workshop at CAMPUHAN College gave a great chance for me to have better personalities. I used to get angry easily and didn’t really care about my younger sister and brother. I felt regretful for what I did; I couldn’t do anything good for my brother because he passed away. Joining the initiation helped me realize that I need to move on from my past and learn from it. Now I am different from what I was. Now I am more patient, and caring to my family and my friends. I feel happy to see myself now.
My name is NewDay. For me, the initiation is memorable. After joining “Leadership From Within” workshop, I realize that I was uncaring person, I didn’t like meeting people, I got angry easily to my parents, I had lots of unnecessary thoughts. After the workshop and the initiation – outbound, I have changed myself. I become more respectful to my parents, loving to my sisters, friendly to other people, and give my smile to others. I become a happier person now.


Karuna Bali Foundation Team

For further information, please contact: Karuna Bali Foundation c/o Campuhan College Building Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia attn: Ni Luh Warsini (director@karunabali.or.id)