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The Gift of Trust - Have you ever seen 200 people crying with love?  You would have been one of them had you attended Thursday's 10th Anniversary Graduation at KB in Ubud.  25 students were on their last day of the 12 month experience, along with their parents who had trust us with their sons and daughters surrounded by roses and boxes of tissues and watched on in amazement by the new 26 students and their parents. 

It was obvious that they could not believe that in one year they too would be having the same emotional outflow.  Sponsors and Friends of KB too experienced the joy of the moment.  

The best I feel was to see the parents of last year's students, remember they are all from very financially challenged families, witnessing the expansion, the awakened spirit of their young people. 

I think you get the picture - maybe have a look at the photos on KB's Facebook https://www.facebook.com/karuna.bali.foundation/