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Leadership and Communication Interview Test 2020 - 2021

The interview was held at CAMPUHAN College's Library

 We have conducted a four-day-interview test for Leadership and Communication Program applicants last week. We have interviewed 27 applicants in total. We look forward to assisting these young learners and providing them with experiential value-based learning environment that enable them to develop their leadership, English and computer skills. Our Leadership and Communication Program aims to lay a foundation for a Life Long Learning that enable individual to constantly grow and demonstrate their leadership in an ever changing circumstances.

These young learners are from financially challenged families who have the willingness to make a difference in their lives, families and community and expressing a strong desire to pursue their dreams and have the courage to do what it takes to get closer to their destiny.


Karuna Bali Foundation provide a one year-full-scholarship for those who are eligible as CAMPUHAN College Leadership and Communication Program Students batch 14 2020 – 2021. We could not be more grateful and happier to be able to extend our love and compassion to these young people of Bali and to contribute in developing their values of life.