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Kenny's Visit to Campuhan College


 At the beginning of October 2018, Karuna Bali Foundation had a very pleasant visit from our beloved friend Kenny Haisfield, founder of CEO4Teens. Kenny came all they way from United States with his friends and had a sharing session with students and facilitators of Campuhan College One Year Professional Program.

CEO4Teens is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization co-founded by Kenny Haisfield and Brooks Dyroff in 2007. It aims to create educational opportunities for financially disadvantaged teenagers and young adults around the world.



Kenny and his friends have been supporting students to study at Campuhan College for some consecutive years and feeling very excited to do so. His visit enables him to share stories about his success from a very early stage of his life.

The sharing session has brought inspirations for the students to follow his footsteps in the future. When they were asked about what their dreams are after they graduated from Campuhan College, all of them answer enthusiastically in very positive responses. Everybody present at that moment felt very proud with the development and changes from the students although they are still in their first three months studying period.


The session ended with a singing performance from the students. Everybody was feeling happy and had a lot of fun. Kenny and his friends will bring the stories back to their country and feel very grateful that they had a memorable moment to cherish for many years to come.