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Happy Birthday, Karuna Bali

Yes, we are one year old, and what a year we have had! Please celebrate with us as we demonstrate what Love can do when we only say, "YES"!


by Raj — February 2008


It's called, "Riding the Wave" and our team in Bali have done this so well in the past twelve months. People are taking notice.


Our new programme for 2008 is called

Meeting the REAL need,
Providing REAL education,
Being of REAL service.

SISTER SCHOOL OPPORTUNITY — REAL LIFE EDUCATION — the cornerstone of all future Karuna Bali activities is offered as an international SISTER SCHOOL Programme:

We offer schools in USA, Australia and UK an association to Karuna Bali/Campuhan College in the sponsorship of one or more individual students in a three year scholarship to the Project Management and Leadership programme. This will foster an exchange opportunity providing some qualifying foreign students with a participation role in the project implementation process if they choose.

In 2008 twenty students will be drawn from all over Indonesia (in future this will be extended to be available to students from other countries). Scholarships will be awarded on strict College criteria and the analysis of a submission of a sample Humanitarian project providing the greatest benefit to the largest number of people and achievable within a three year period.

Students are to be provided financial assistance to cover the cost of local accommodation in Ubud plus receive a small allowance Au50/month for living expenses for the three year period of the scholarship.

There will be two classes with ten students in each. Each class will be under the supervision of a Project Team Leader. Students will be put into five teams each with two students working together on one Project. An opportunity for implementation of 10 significant Indonesian projects in three years. In addition to encourage cooperation and reduce a sense of competition the collective group will nominate and undertake one joint local Bali humanitarian community project on which the entire group will focus each year. Making a total of 19 significant projects implemented within the 3 year period.

Year 1 — Students will prepare their own Project evaluation, feasibility study. During this process they will learn the practical skills of Research, use of computers at all levels, English communication, Living Values, Media interaction and participate in four weeks of field work. Regular reports and newsletter updates of progress are to be provided to the Sister School.

Year 2 — Students will prepare Time Frames, Action Plan, obtain legal and community permissions, costing and sourcing of materials, participate in four weeks of practical field work nominated by Karuna Bali. Students will be required to create a film presentation of their Project explaining all aspects.

Year 3 — Together with Karuna Bali management, Students will visit their sponsoring overseas Sister School and give their full presentation with the objective of raising funds for their Humanitarian Project. Students will then proceed to complete practical implementation of their Project.

Final Certification is based on their academic research and feasibility of the Project, the practical implementation of the Project and overall success of the Project itself, its beneficial contribution to the Community, the number of people positively affected by the student’s Service.

In three years the student will have gained and developed practical skills in computers, spread sheet, accounting, English, graphics and film making, research skills, internet and website production, PR and marketing, fundraising, practical experience with local bodies, planning and building requirements, legal matters and interaction with local spiritual and community elders and authorities and can go forth with these skills to make their own difference — to be of service in the world.

Graduating Students who demonstrate teaching and leadership skills may be offered full time employment by Karuna Bali as Project Team Leaders for the next incoming student body.

At anytime during the project and student development, the Australian Sister School’s faculty members, students and their families are welcomed at Campuhan College, Ubud, Bali to visit, interact "with the students" and even invited to be practically involved in their student’s Project.

Do you have a school that might be interested in such a proposal and having their students make a real life difference in the world? Please show them this exciting venture or contact: raj@elohim.com

Our Rural Village project of Educational Assistance is being undertaken by own students and other volunteers, we are training the local teachers in computers which is providing an opportunity for our management student to practice their own new found skills, gain confidence and share their experience with the village children and community bringing a wider perspective to rural village life.

Teachers Training workshops at the College in Ubud, are ongoing with over 70 teachers from regional elementary and State schools training at the College this year — working together in assisting the government to improve the quality of teachers, and now we have a formal request from the Education Department to establish a regular programme for more teachers this coming year.

Our English Club — a local community project gives our own students a chance to gain confidence in communication skills, inviting young adults and other schools' students who can't afford to participate at the College to interact. — Drama, Topics, Dance, Films. This is now being expanded to include a challenge for teams to be formed for Community service work and public education. The first project is "Say No to Plastic bags".

HIV project — A very special workshop designed for introduction to every school in Bali promoting HIV awareness. Over the past few months Karuna Bali has created both the project and the curriculum. As this project is now ready for implementation, we are selecting what we consider to be the ten most "at risk" schools to begin with. The cost per school is $100 and those that are unable to pay are supported by Karuna Bali. We have one full time project manager working on this together with most of the first year management students involved in the delivery of the message at the schools for young people relates much more easily to other young people.

Orphanage Support — Film days in the College for the children of the school continue and the principal of the orphanage has requested to have our English teachers to visit twice a week to teach English. We have been provided with the funding and are now working on the development of the Animal Farm project in conjunction with the local community.

News Listening Contest — First for Bali — English for all senior high schools in the region. 46 contestants were sent to Campuhan College to represent their schools to the Contest which was opened by Dept of Education. Funding for the prizes was donated by local Ubud businesses. As a social foundation we see the opportunity to provide the means and the venue for an expansion of this Contest next year to be Bali wide to be held in August. The students from the schools are very excited.

Graphic Design and Movie Making — Starting in March Campuhan College will deliver a professional program to the community in the form of six month and one year courses in graphic design, web design, animation, and movie making for which there is an increasing demand.

In Our First Year — Over 400 part time students have attended courses at the College in the first twelve months of operation.

As we move into our second year we have restructured the organization so that KARUNA BALI is the FOUNDATION through which all projects are managed and Campuhan College becomes the first of the Foundation projects, the cornerstone because all of the Foundations activities are dependent on the training and development of our own Project Management Leaders and teams to ensure a sustainable resource of management for the long term future.
Our team has now been increased through new staff with incredible management and leadership portfolios in humanitarian activities, organizational, corporate mediation, Living Values education and Self Management training. Recently the team at the College participated in a three day program to evaluate the Vision, Direction and Goal for Karuna Bali for the next 10 years.

Rachana India, our first international project, is emerging in support of organic sustainable farming education in Southern India which will provide a wonderful opportunity for student exchange and for offering the model being developed in India to farmers in other third world countries. See India article in this issue of the Journal.

Are we satisfied — oh yes, immensely, and we recognize the continuing support of so many of you who make regular contributions which are the life blood of Karuna Bali and we all THANK YOU — our family, for what we have achieved, we have achieved together. Simply — Look what Love can do!