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Be part of this exciting journey

Warmest heartfelt greetings from the tropical island of Bali to all you the supporters of Karuna Bali Foundation

Day by day my heart opens wider and fills with so much gratitude for the generosity of all of you who have come and participated in the journey of Karuna Bali to support our program in Providing Personal Growth Opportunities through Education for the people of Bali and Indonesia. Education is the main key to reduce poverty in the world, through good education ones can realize their hidden innate potentials and talents and ultimately they will be able to pursue their dreams for a better quality of lives.

Please allow us to express our deepest gratitude and share the joy of our souls for the blessing being connected with all of you in doing this special tasks of providing personal growth opportunities through education for the people of Bali and Indonesia.

Things are wonderful with KB. Our three major programs (Campuhan College, EduCare & Teacher Training) are growing wonderfully.

All of the Desktop Publishing students graduated from Campuhan College this year, once again successfully employed in some designing and printing companies through which they now are able to improve the quality of their lives and their families. Looking back to their previous lives and seeing their lives now, what a wonderful transformation and certainly makes everyone's heart bloomed and filled with contentment.

Many wonderful things are happening in EduCare Program, number of rural schools interested in this program has increased significantly due to the success stories in the previous schools and also supports received from the local department of education. More surprisingly all of those schools now even inspired to run similar program in their own schools and adopt new values based education approach. It proves that this model of education activities is easily duplicable and sustainable.

Education and Leadership Packages that are given to the volunteers before they start teaching in rural schools have made this program great interest to the volunteers, that's alone is already a program on its own. Every single individual in this program right from the volunteers way down to the students are receiving the true benefits of a real life education experiences, this has made the program so unique and holistic.

Teacher Training Program has successfully sponsored 3 living values workshops for educators in Bali and even more to come. As follow up after the workshops given, we hold a monthly values group session for the participants and provide a space for sharing the experiences of using values based education approach used in the class setting and also to practice. This program certainly provides us with a very profound ways to once again to open ourselves with our true values.

The successes of those three programs have led us to new challenges to be more generous in extending this program and share the experiences to wider community in Indonesia and the world. We can see how we can extend the service beyond Bali into Indonesia. KB is setting up its own media production department managed by the teachers and students enrolled in our graphics and creative film courses, they are starting to produce DVDs of all our educational activities providing practical demonstration of how to open children (and adults too) to their core Values. We'll be able to provide subtitles and make them available free to anyone, anywhere to download and implement within their own local curriculum.

We'd like to invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Together we can make all these things possible, with only US$10 a month we can make a huge different in ones lives.

Once again we would like to welcome you all to the exciting adventure of Karuna Bali Foundation.


Wayan Rustiasa — Co-Founder
Iluh Warsni — Director