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Ardana's Significant Life Transformation

Dear Beloved Friends,

Every three month, the students of Leadership and Communication program are required to write a thank-you and progress letter to their donor. Reading all of the letters have made us feel proud of them. Witnessing their growth through direct interaction as well as through their own self-evaluation has inspired us to share their journey throughout their learning at CAMPUHANCollege.

Today we have received one of the heart-moving-letters from one of CAMPUHAN College students of Leadership and Communication Program. His name is I Gede Ardana Kusuma. The following letter is dedicated to his donor, who has been supporting him.

We would love to share the happiness felt by Ardana and our joy of extending love and compassion.

Karuna Bali is here to share more love and compassion to more people who are just like Ardana, who are willing to learn and make a difference to both himself and the society for a better tomorrow


I hope that you would enjoy reading his letter.


"Dear my beloved donors,

Hello, I am Ardana. I am one of the students in the One Year Professional Program 2019, batch 13. I would like to share my experiences for the last nine months studying in CAMPUHAN College. I hope you are happy reading my story.

I’ve been studying at CAMPUHAN College for nine months. There are a lot of transformations on myself. To be better, of course. I truly feel proud of myself.  I’d never know that I could go through times when studying here. I feel grateful because there are many people helping me to grow in CAMPUHAN College. They are my friends, the facilitators, the staff and also the donors. I wanted to thank to God, because he gave me this opportunity to meet them.

There are a lot of progresses in these nine months. On my personality, many things have changed. My confidence has increased day by day, and I am able to talk to strangers even though I don’t know them yet. I become wiser than usual. I often give an advice to others when they need an advice. For example, when they look not fine, I immediately ask their current condition and ask them to explain the problem. Then, I give them an advice that I know. Also now, I could set a plan to my future and knowing my own passion. I am really happy because of who I am now, because of my transformation.

Other than that, on my hard skill also many things have changed. Especially on my English skill. Before, I used to like English topic since on junior high school. But a significant changed comes when I study in CAMPUHAN College. Every day, the facilitators never stop teaching English. With their patience I could wrote this letter by myself. I’m so happy that I am able to talk in English now, even though not really fluent. Beside of that, on computer topic many things also increased. For example on my computer skills. Now, I am able to operate design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Corel Draw and Adobe Premiere Pro. I think, that skill is very important for this era, because many companies need a professional of it. So, it makes me very happy to learn in CAMPUHAN College. And also now, I can use camera like Canon, because before I do not know about how to use it. On drawing, many things have given to us. Me and my friends now are able to draw a cartoon and also Balinese theme. I am really happy and proud because I can study in CAMPUHAN College, because all the materials are important for my future.

I really loved myself. My current self. Do not matter who I was before, I just loved and proud of whom I am now. Because of CAMPUHAN College leaded me to a right way, to a best version of myself. Now, I know what the meaning of loving myself. I learned many things during studying in CAMPUHAN College, especially in Leadership. The materials always gave me a way to be better. Thank you for all the things that supported me, to be better now.

For all, I would like to say thanks to Karuna Bali Foundation who has given me an opportunity to learn and grow in CAMPUHAN College. Also, all the staffs, the facilitators and all of my friends, who always supported me through rough times in a kind way. I would be not be like this, if it’s not with your help. And my donors, thank you for all the support that you have given to me. I hope that you’re always in a good condition and happy. What would I be if you are not there to help me? Thank you. Thank you to all of my family and relatives, you all are the best."


Sincerely yours,