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2022 - Our Vision

The two year hiatus during 2020/2021 with Indonesia's Covid restrictions required an enforced hibernation of the traditional Karuna Bali Foundation's Values educational activities. Sadly, this also impacted so much of the Associate's Living Values role and stifling of activities in Indonesia. Yet, we discovered a benefit: A time to feel into what we do, reflect on what we have done and consider where we want to go in the future – all this resulting in a strategic overview of the Organisation's purpose, an invitation to the team's participation in re-creating KB's future. Here then is the butterfly emerging from the chysalis – where we are heading into 2022 and beyond.

Foreword – Sure it’s been tough, yet...

2022 in Bali started with another movement restriction by Government related to the increase number of positive cases of Covid. Central Government released an instruction for school to do the online learning again or mixed between half-class capacity and online learning. For Karuna Bali the face-to-face learning is done in English Short Course class and since September 2021 we have applied the maximum of half-class capacity.

Since January 2022, Karuna Bali has run with a new organization structure and rotation of staff with new position as Coordinators also one new Department, Capung Melajah (activating Campuhan Long-Life Learning with new name and concept). We decided to choose Indonesian- Balinese mixed name because this department is targeting Indonesian people, mainly Balinese.

As found and planned through Strategic Planning, staff capacity building will be the focus in 2022, especially in strengthening staff capacity in facilitating for values-based activity and in practicing the skills to create values-based atmosphere. Practices for facilitation and skills (life-skills and communication skills) has been scheduled for staff.

The first three months of 2022 were used to discuss between Director, Finance, Coordinators, KB Admin & HRD and LVE Officer about operational management, the coordination between program and finance system.

After hibernating in 2020-2021, we see that 2022 is going to be a learning year for all staff of KB (full-time or part-time). Combining the best practices from the past and piloting of new initiative or ideas. Thank you for the patience, trust and support that has been given to us in our hibernating years.

With warm regards,
On behalf of all staff of Karuna Bali Foundation,
Associate for Association for Living Values Education International


February 2022: Who is Who in Karuna Bali now

Name Role 2022
1 Ni Nengah Widiani Coordinator – Finance & General Affairs
2 Ni Kadek Endriyani Accounting Staff
3 I Kadek Juliarta Logistic & Maintenance Staff
4 Ni Nengah Sri Hastuti Cleaning Service 3rd Floor
5 Gede Ayodi Suriawan Cleaning Service 2nd Floor
6 Ita Wulandari Coordinator - Short Course
7 Ni Nyoman Triantari Head Admin Short Course
8 Ni Komang Tri Agustini Admin Short Course
9 Dewa Putu Ardika Security
10 Kdk I.K. Wira Putra Coordinator – Multimedia Prod
11 IB Ngurah Pustaka Pramana* Staff Multimedia Prod
12 I Gede Supardika Coordinator - Capung Melajah
13 Ni Wayan Yuniari Putri Team Leader Life Skills
14 Ni Wayan Yeniari Team Leader Youth Program
15 I Wayan Januarta Team Leader Youth Program
16 Kadek Salendri LVE Officer
17 Ni Made Puspa Dewi Karuna Bali Admin & HRD
18 Chusnul Savitri*** Personal Assistant to KB Director
19 Taka Nurdiana Gani Karuna Bali Director


Life Goes On – Our Internal General Activities

Activity: Morning Gratitude
Frequency & Duration: Daily, 30 minutes, 09:00 - 09:30
Description: Personal reflection in what we are grateful about from:

  • Self
  • God or anything chosen on the moment which stronger than the self
  • Surrounding (universe/environment/people/ anything)

Then share in groups or pairs. Staff take turn in leading.

Activity: Values-Based Activities
Frequency & Duration: Every Friday, 90 minutes, 09:45 - 11:00
Description: Using LVE Values-Based Activities, staff will take turn to facilitate the activities. This activity is a collaboration of HRD, Life Skills and LVE.

Activity: Karuna Bali Clean
Frequency & Duration: Friday, every 2 weeks (alternates with Waste Management), 2 hours, 15:00 - 17:00
Description: Thorough cleaning in the building by all staff, Finance & Logistic lead the activity and choose what particular spot and type of cleaning is needed.

Activity: Waste Management
Frequency & Duration: Friday, every 2 weeks (alternates with KB clean), 1 hour, 16:00 - 17:00
Description: All staff sorting the waste in KB while learning the importance of sorting waste from the smallest organizational structure and so we will be able to apply it in our daily lives.


January – March 2022 Workshops

3-4 January 2022: Staff Orientation
Participants: 19 Staff
Lead Facilitator: Taka
Co-Facilitator: Widi, Puspa, Juli

10-13 January 2022: Self Managing Leadership
Duration: 4 half-days
Participants: 18 Staff
Facilitator: Taka

17 January 2022: Vision-Mission Orientation
1.5 hour session for Short Course Facilitators

22-24 February 2022: Living Values Education Participants: 18 Staff and 4 Short Course English Facilitators
Lead Trainer: Taka
Co-Trainer: Yeni
Small Group Facilitators: Gede, Salen, Puspa

10-11 March 2022: Compassionate Communication
Participants: All Karuna Bali Staff and Interested Short Course Facilitators
Lead Facilitator: Taka Co-Facilitator: Yeni, Gede


Department Updates

Short Course:

The classes of English Group 1 – 2022 started on 24 Jan – 24 Mar 2022 with half to maximum capacity. The schedule are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11.00 – 20.30 WITA. The security staff helps to maintain security, tidy up parking, make sure students have washed their hands, wear masks, and check students' body temperatures.

The classes in Short Course:
a. 6 Levels of English Class (Starter 1-2, Movers 1-2, Flyer 1, Intensive1-2-4), 84 students and 6 English Facilitators and
b. 1 Intensive Computer Class (2 students) with 1 Facilitator.

A Pre-class activity is carried out before new students learn in class. In the first English Group 1-2022, both new and advanced level students were involved in pre-class. This is because, for two years the pre-class had not been held and many advanced level students have not taken the pre-class. The goal of this pre- class is to introduce the program and how the course runs as well as facilitate students to identify themselves and live the values that will help them to achieve their goal of being able to speak English.

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-pre-class Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-pre-class Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-pre-class-group

Pre-class Documentation

Mulitmedia Production

Up until 29 February 2022, Multimedia Production run with only 1 staff (Wira-Coordinator). Basically Coordinator assist other departments according to their needs.

The process of recruitment for one staff has started since 2nd week of January. It started with internal opening for the alumnae and its network. Four applied but none passed the technical requirements. Beginning of February, we launched the job vacancy through paid platform and we received 37 applicants. Coordinator choose 10 applicants based on closes location and experience. We decided to interview five applicants first. The interviewers are Wira, Gede and Taka.

One person is chosen based on the technical ability, mainly on video production. The person will start on Monday 7 March 2022.

Living Values Education

  • Values-based activities in English has started once and will start again in mid-March.
  • Rabu Sejuk (Cool Wednesday) – an onine values-based activities will run on Phase 3 starting 9 March. Two facilitators has ran it since June 2021 and there will be 3 additional facilitators (one volunteer alumnae Group 14 and two staff from Capung Melajah)
  • There are two volunteers: one for Cool Wednesday and one for creating reels in Instagram (for three months, 1 Feb – 30 Apr 2022)
  • Rainbow Booklet Part 1 is being translated by paid translator.
  • Self-Reflection part of Distant Learning is translated and will be used in staff capacity building.
  • Workshop LVE offline has started few times for: Refugees who teach at Hope Learning Centre Cisarua (Nov 2021), Rumah Kearifan Jogja (Dec 2021), English Language Faculty Univ Mahasaraswati Bali (Feb 2022)
  • Discussion on Video Production with Multimedia Production team for ALIVE International will continue in mid-March 2022, a week after the new Multimedia staff start.
  • Trainers online gathering will be held on end of March to discuss about LVE in Indonesia.

Campuhan Melajah

The idea of this department came out during Strategic Planning when we reflect on CL3 (Campuhan Long-Life Learning). We researched the meaning of the “dragonfly” logo, the words “long=life learning” and try to understand from the chart account under the heading of “teacher training’.

We then gave a new meaning to the department after understanding the meaning of the dragonfly logo. We chose also to open this department not only for teachers but for anyone who would like to learn about themselves and recognize their potential to be used for themselves and others.

“Capung” is Indonesian word for Dragonfly. “Melajah” is made from two words: ‘Melajah’ (Balinese for Learning and ‘Menjelajah’ (Indonesian for Exploring). Capung Melajah means to learn about the inner self then explore the outside world is an ongoing process.

We choose to use Capung Melajah as the main name because it will be promoted to Indonesian, mainly Balinese. We would like the name sounds familiar and rise curiosity for people to ask more. It has two sub-department: Yowana Program (‘Yowana’ is Balinese for Youth) and Life Skills (we still has not decide for its name).

Yowana (Youth) Program: is going to be a pilot project on July-December 2022. The proposal is in the final stage and will be finished on mid-March. We will send the concept paper between 7-11 March.

Life Skills: For 2022, it is a collaboration program with HRD and LVE related to staff capacity building.

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-life-skills Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-life-skills Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-life-skills

Life Skills

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-collecting-waste Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-collecting-waste

Waste Day: Cleaning and Sorting Waste

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-short-course Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-short-course Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-short-course-group

LVE Workshop for Staff and Part-time Short Course Facilitators

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-values Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-values Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-values-group

Weekly Values-Based Activity

Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-birthday Indonesia-Kurana-Bali-birthday

Celebrating January’s Staff Birthday: Endri, Janu, Yeni


LVE Workshop for Refugees Teaching at Hope Learning Centre at Cisarua Assist by Yeni and Gede (29 Nov -1 Dec 2021)