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Living Values

LVEI Team Attending the seminar of "Reviving the universal values within education of the society in the digital era", Tuban-East Java



Living Values Education Indonesia (LVEI) was invited to attend the The 3rd annual meeting and conference which was held by the Association of Indonesian Islamic Kindergarten Teachers Education Study Program in Tuban-East Java. There were more than 100 people invited for this event.




LVEI team had the opportunity to fill in two sessions. The first is the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the signatories of Letter of Intent (LoI) between ALIVE and Asosiasi PIAUD (The association of Islamic Early Childhood Education) which was signed in Yogyakarta on December 2017. This meeting was intended to find the possibility of a follow up on the LoI in a more practical area. Muqowim in this occasion shared the post-LoI development of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta to provide insights for the representatives of signatories on how to follow up the LoI in their own areas.



The second, Budhy Munawar-Rachman, Muqowim, and Philip Yusenda were selected as the speakers for "Reviving the universal values within education of the society in the digital era" Seminar. 



In this opportunity, the LVEI team were also invited by the STAI Al-Hikmah Campus to observe the process of their FGD entitled “Pengembangan Pendidikan Tinggi berbasis nilai-nilai universal” (The development of higher education based on universal values). The speakers are Budhy Munawar-Rachman, Muqowim and 3 speakers from Higher Education Development Division of Kopertais IV Surabaya (Dr. Muhid, Dr. Arif and Mr Nuril, M. Pd. With the moderator: Dr. Mujib from STAI Al-Hikmah.