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Living Values

LVE Workshop - July 20-22, 2018


Another three days successful Living Values Education workshop was held in Campuhan College on the third week of July. Facilitated by LVE Accredited Trainer of Living Values Education Indonesia, Mr. Muqowim and Mr. Wayan Rustiasa also co-facilitated by Ms. Elis Huwa. Aside from understanding deeper about the values, the participants learn together about creating a safe zone to share, that they rarely experienced during their everyday life. The workshop is fun-filled with activities, games, songs, group discussions and presentations. 



The complexity of the background from each participants in this workshop enrich the process of growth for each person. In a world filled with modern technology, getting in touch with your inner self and your soul are also as essential as enrichment from the food we take everyday. As they weaved through the journey of understanding the values and living them; the sensation, the feelings, and the friendship are the ones they will cherish and hold dear for the rest of their lives.