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Living Values

Introduction Course -- Batch 12 Professional Program of Campuhan College




In the following week, there will be a workshop facilitated by the facilitators of Campuhan College Professional Program in our Open Heart space. The 24 students and all of the facilitators engaged in a series of activities from morning until late afternoon. This workshop is made to create an agreement of Collaborative Rules that they will use for the whole year ahead. The students will set their goals for a year, generally and specifically for every subject that they will undertake.





Living Values Education methods are being introduced as the foundation of their teaching learning activities for the next one year in Campuhan College. Each students will have to select their own values and live those values from now on. After understanding their five basic emotional needs which are loved, understood, valued, respect, and safe; the facilitators and students will decide the best practices for those needs. This will create a deeper understanding between the facilitators and the students, so they will be able to create a supportive teaching learning environment and grow together based on their values.





Beside that, they will also be informed about the whole picture of what they will learn during their study, and a glimpse of what kind of job they will have in the future. Introduction to the college, exploring the environment, getting to know the staffs; also understanding their rights and obligations will be included in this introduction course. Hopefully they can implement what they get and enjoy their responsibilities in a value based atmosphere.




One of the students, Sky, stated that “the most memorable session was when I can recognize my five basic emotional needs, I can understand about my basic needs and surprised to know that people also have the same needs like I do.” The same impression showed by Pipit, “In the five basic emotional needs session, I can find out what my basic needs are and what other people need, so that I can synchronize that needs evenly”. Hopefully by understanding their needs, the students feel happier, and thankful. As the time goes by, their bond of togetherness is getting stronger.