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Campuhan Life Long Learning (CL3)

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Our program focuses on self development which means to inspire
the development of the whole being.

Therefore to uncover and to express our fullest leadership potential various approaches are required that enable us to cultivate broader and deeper understanding of who we are, our values and our true purpose.

We believe that "Learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together" are integral parts of our journey to being lifelong learners.

Learning which engages the entire being (head, heart and body) is a must. Many different approaches are essential. Each of these approaches must complement each other.

Karuna Bali through Campuhan College and CL3 (Campuhan Lifelong Learning) integrates these proven and widely acclaimed self-development programs such as: Nonviolent Communication, Enneagram and Psychodrama and incorporate with Living Values and Leadership From Within - A Journey to Sustainable Changes as very integral part of its self-development package. The combination of these various experiential approaches provide a solid inner-foundation for each individual to embark on a journey of lifelong learning and thereby moving closer toward integrating with Life itself.