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Campuhan Life Long Learning (CL3)

Living Values



Karuna Bali is the appointed Indonesian member (Associate) of the Association for LIVING VALUES EDUCATION International with responsibility for promoting and supporting the use of Living Values throughout Indonesia, a program to inspire, educate, and embody the true values of all human beings.

ALIVE is the international program already established in 60 countries with some 4000 volunteer trainers with 78 certified trainers in Indonesia. Karuna Bali has taken on the challenge of reaching into the 1000 inhabited islands and 46,000 towns with this beautiful and effective education system by continuous workshops and training processes to expand the cadre of facilitation into the countries widely diverse communities.

A partnership with the Asia Foundation has led Karuna Bali into a relationship reaching deep into the heart of the many teaching Universities thereby extending Living Values education into the wider community and schools.

Karuna Bali Foundation through its many educational activities is itself the living representation of Living Values in action, it is the model for how Living Values may be duplicated and extended globally.

As such, all Karuna Bali Administration, Faculty and Students are actively involved, attending workshops, learning Values facilitation skills, embracing and being the living example of the Values. The organisation's integrity and impeccability is fundamental to this process.

Living Values workshops are an ongoing activity and the nurturing of LVEP facilitators is part of the Associate - Karuna Bali's defined role.

For full information visit: www.livingvalues.net/indonesia