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Campuhan Life Long Learning (CL3)

Leadership From Within - A Journey to Sustainable Changes

Changes are inevitable in life,. We all experience changes all the time whether we want them or not, they still continue happening.

When changes happen some people enjoy the changes and they might say "I am excited" while others might say "this can't happen to me, I don't want this" I have been puzzled by these questions; Why do some people enjoy and even design changes while others resist changes? Why some of us manage to continue our positive changes while others fail to do so? Why some people labor themselves into changes while others enjoy every process of change?

Leadership From Within- A Journey to Sustainable Changes offers a roadmap for the individual to explore the various driving forces of leadership and facilitates every individual to move toward uncovering a sustainable source of power within that aligns with universal purpose continuously fueling our leadership, not only in our actions but also when we are in non-action, giving permission to this intelligent force to silently design the changes that we all desire. What we need to do is simply be brought to awareness and connected to this greater source of energy that empowers our leadership. Once connected, our purpose reveals itself to us naturally.

Leadership From Within- A Journey to Sustainable Changes invites each individual to tap into the place of fullness within. Coming from this place leaders naturally enjoy contributing as their hearts are full, the heart no longer seeking for something outside of itself, but remembering that they are the leaders they have been looking for.




Program Purpose

To provide a roadmap for each individual:

  • to find a basis for moving towards higher levels of self-awareness to connect to core values, core beliefs & core talents that create energy and provides clarity of purpose.
  • to rediscover and to connect to higher inner motivation that provides a higher and more constant source of energy to sustain self-development, fulfillment, and contribution.
  • to work on achieving congruence-alignment of innate values and actions that contribute to more energetic, resilient, effective, and interpersonally connected leaders.
  • to extend positive influence and contribution through values creation for self, team, family, community, organization, and the world.

A three-day workshop that includes lunch, refreshment, certificate and also printed material for participants




  • Group booking maximum of 30 people (eg. school class, year 11/12) = USD $50
  • A private individual or small organization maximum of 12 people = USD $100