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Karuna Bali—YAYASAN KARUNA BALI —is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-religious Indonesian organization, created to assist in providing education and individual growth opportunities to the people of Bali and elsewhere.

The operational centre for Karuna Bali and Campuhan College is located on the main Campuhan-Sanggingan highway into Ubud. A young faculty and administrative team of thirty Indonesians work in administration, project management, marketing and the teaching faculty.

Karuna Bali goes beyond traditional teaching. Based on the conviction that each student carries within himself and herself an innate knowing of their natural values, skills and creativity. Our intention is to offer them the opportunity to direct their energy into these areas and thereby grow into their full potential.

Karuna Bali uniqueness lies in its innovative unity between our students and faculty, both facilitators and administration. Our focus for all is that of cultivating and maintaining a Values Based Atmosphere in all we do together. We believe that all of us are growing, learning and extending our natural capablilities.

The responsibility of modelling values are shared equally between the faculty and students.

Our role as an educational institution is to provide a values based environment wherein everyone thrives. We believe when our values, purpose and skills are aligned endless possibilities appear to create a positive influence impacting our personal lives, family and community.

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