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Every drop that you have put into the bucket...

Dear friends of the heart,

Please accept my warmest heartfelt greetings to all of you our most beloved benefactors who have been truly sincere in supporting Karuna Bali Foundation. Please accept our deepest heartfelt thanks to all of you for joining Coffee Club. Every drop that you have put into the bucket of Coffee Club has helped us a great deal in providing greater educational opportunities to the people of Bali.

I would like to take a minute to share with all of you some exciting news about our programs. I would like to begin with “EduCare”


For the last 3 years EduCare has been giving education assistant to some rural elementary schools in Bali and up to now there are seven schools have been benefited through this program and another 33 schools are in the waiting list. At present EduCare has received tremendous appreciation from teachers, students and department of Education and it has become highly recommended program to be adopted by primary schools where the foundation of education begin here.

The benefit of EduCare is extended not only to teachers and students of elementary schools but also to the volunteers who mainly are universities students studying to become teachers. Introducing this model of education approach at this stage is critically important as they the ones who will be the future teachers who will extend this model of education to their future students.

EduCare has given profound transformational experiences to every individual involved; they gained more self confident, more self respect and self worth in very short time. Based on the report given by the teachers at the universities whose students joined EduCare, the positive impacts on those students is outstanding. At present, EduCare has become well recognized program in several universities in Bali and on the 25th of June 2010 a MOU of cooperation between Karuna Bali and University of STIBA MAHA SARASWATI of Denpasar was signed. This is truly a new chapter for EduCare, providing us with abundant of opportunities to improve the quality education in Bali. We believe providing the optimum learning environment that is supporting will inspire everyone to express their values and hidden potentials and allow them to shine.


Capturing values based activities in every program is highly essential. Media Production has been actively played this role to document every activity in every program. Several movies have been produced both from Karuna Bali perspective and also from the view point of beneficiaries. The existence of this media production has helped us to promote a new awareness for a better education approach and values awareness in the communities and also help us to see the effectiveness and the impact of our programs in the communities.

Media Production soon, will also launch short courses for Movie Production for young people of Bali. This field of expertise hasn’t been well developed in Bali while the demand is very high. Providing this kind of opportunity certainly will open new career opportunity. At present most Balinese depend on tourism industry. One more hit to this industry means; many people will lose their jobs and the consequences can be severe.

Thanks to all of you Coffee Club members and friends, Rotary Club of Bali Ubud Sunset, Australian Consulate who have contributed so much to this program. Please let us know if you want us to send you Karuna Bali’s DVD.


I am so delighted to share with you that our target to sponsor 20 students to attend a one year professional program on “Desktop Publishing” has been successfully accomplished. Thanks to CEO4teens for the constant commitment to sponsor 10 students every year. Thanks to Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Triangle and private sponsors for providing these opportunities.

While our current students are doing their intern, recruitment of new students is still in the progress and several series of tests will be conducted to filter the right candidates for this program. After the test, home visit will be done and study contract will be signed by the parents for those who passed.

While in Bali for special program thirty students from North Eastern University visited the college and met our students and teachers. North Eastern University stated their interest in cooperating with Karuna Bali Foundation where mutual benefits will be gained by both parties. They will send some students through their co-op program to volunteer in Karuna Bali for 4 to 6 months to teach at the college and help with the EduCare. This cooperation will help to bridge between the two cultures and provide huge learning opportunities.


Teachers play very complex and important part in improving the qualities of live of many people. Improving teachers’ qualities mean improving the qualities of education which will lead to better quality of lives to thousand and even millions of people. The aims of TTP, providing them with workshops where teachers and educators can tap to their inner values, learn the art of nurturing oneself before we look after others and the art of facilitation.

Through TTP we offer a 3 day values based workshop at Campuhan College. And also from time to time we invite some facilitators with different expertise to give workshop to teachers with the aim to improve the teaching and facilitation skills and to make teaching more fun!