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Warmest and heart felt greetings from the tropical island of Bali

It seems only yesterday since the Karuna Bali was established. During the last three years, so many beautiful things have been done and yet still many opportunities lay ahead for us to extend Karuna Bali's services to Bali community and throughout Indonesia.

Day by day my heart opens wider and fills with so much gratitude for the generosity of all of you who have come and participated in the journey of Karuna Bali to support our program in Providing Personal Growth Opportunities through Education for the people of Bali and Indonesia. Education is the main key to reduce poverty in the world, through good education ones can realize their hidden innate potentials and talents and ultimately they will be able to pursue their dreams for a better quality of lives.

Giving education is like teaching people to fish instead of giving them the fish through which, they will be able to stand on their own feet and extending their love and assistance to others. This story is the exact thing that has happened to 10 of Desktop Publishing students who received sponsorship, 90% of them have been employed and earn good salaries, now they not only can improve the quality of their lives but also helping to improve the quality of others. This month an amazing accomplishment have been achieved by Campuhan College, an excellent standard of education provided by the college has been proven once again, 4 out of 13 of our Desktop Publishing students have been recruited during their internships program and the rest are waiting to finish their internships program and already some jobs opportunities are awaiting for them.

As students of life, all of us in Karuna Bali Foundation also have been through wonderful learning process. During the last couple months there had been so many challenges within each one of us in Karuna Bali. Those challenges provided us with the opportunities to learn, to grow and to create a space for each one of us to get in touch again and again to our original qualities and learn to respect and love each other even more. I personally have so much gratitude for everyone of us for our willingness and readiness to embrace the growth.

Iluh and I are so blessed with our new born baby boy Kadek Bagoes Okayana, he is 70 days old. Kadek is a very happy sweet soul who have become a new member of Karuna Bali Foundation. He's such an inspiration for us! This year we are looking forward to having our new sweet house built where we will live together with our two lovely children.

In this particular occasion on behalf of Karuna Bali Family please allow us to express our deepest gratitude for all of you generous souls who haven been putting so much effort in supporting Karuna Bali Foundation. Providing us with the funding to cover the salary for our staff and teachers and also for those who have been sponsoring students. We are sharing these very exciting stories on our new bulletin for you to feel proud — to see the results your loving supports.

Because we know we have the potential to do so much more and to help so many, we are reaching out to you for ideas or connections that might find us some additional funding from your community, please contact me personally if you can help in any way..... email: wayan@karunabali.com

Some new exciting stories are coming in the next issue of our bulletin in August 2009. The next Bulletin will cover more exciting news about our Educare Program, Teacher Training and Campuhan College.

Love, Peace and Freedom,

Wayan Rustiasa — Co-Founder
Iluh Warsni — Director

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