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A Miracle Manifests in Bali

In the suburb of Sanginggan, Ubud, Bali the hammers have fallen quiet at Toko's hotel and restaurant, sawdust and the usual accompanying builder's debris is long since removed. As Bali comes alive in the early morning, water drips from the blossoming flowerboxes that now surround the windows of the upper floors of the building which host the classrooms of the Campuhan College. The magnificent carved teak doors stand open letting sunlight and fresh air stream through the building. There are only three or four motor scooters in the front yard and a stillness pervades yet, soon many more scooters with the students will start arriving into the courtyard as the morning lessons begin and the College will come alive.

I want to express the joy I feel at the opportunity I have been given to play with this awesome project and indeed, with these amazing people. Nothing has been a problem, no challenge is ever envisaged, always a smile whether it is a local woodworker cutting a recess section in teak with a small hand axe or a toothless older lady varnishing the window frames. We talk about living in the 'Now', these beautiful Balinese live life just one step at a time.

Interesting that we are creating a great school - a college where the Balinese can embrace the world of the 21st century and engage it and all the time I am the one being shown how to truly be….in the moment and seeing the "Holy Perfection" of Love's outpouring.

We have only employed local Ubud trades people and Balinese products in the construction and equipping of the College and the funding for the development of the Bali Outreach project has created far greater benefit than we could ever have imagined, with flow on effect assisting so many families in the community and out into areas that we cannot begin to imagine.

Now the College is in full use. The second floor 'OPEN HEART' space is being rented for events and seminars, the third floor classrooms are all in use, the forth floor library has become the adopted for the language classes. Students have recreational areas and the overall presentation of the facility, the buildings and gardens has more an atmosphere of a boutique hotel than that of a place of learning.

There is no doubt that we potentially have a very successful venture with many opportunities. Very shortly Suzanne heads back up to Bali to organize the (official) Grand Opening of the College. She will take with her a new Panasonic projector to start the Spiritual Movie Theatre and provide the staff and students with a much needed AV facility. She will start the also asked for English Club for the students and hopes to be able to start the program to help unemployed women in the villages with opportunities, through sewing classes.

During the next few months that Suzanne will be in Bali she will be supporting Iluh, our administrator and Wayan, the College director developing further student activity.

Setting big goals for the future, our next primary objectives:

  1. Attract sponsors for the next semester student intake - May through to August:
    $2,000/ 20 students x $100

  2. Establish the new Balinese village community programs for adult education - nutrition, pre and post natal child care, home agriculture:
    $5,000/6 mths in three areas

  3. Implement a one hour per week radio broadcast of English tuition based on the College theme of: Developing Self-Worth, Confidence, Self-Sufficiency and Innovation to the Balinese community and beyond to reach into all of the Indonesian islands:
    $10,000/curriculum and 12 mths of broadcasts reaching over 100 million people

  4. Equip a second computer classroom of 10 workstations:
    $10,000/10 computer systems, networking and teachers laptop

Meantime ongoing nurturing and support is essential - the College requires approx. $3,000/month to maintain staff and supplies and upgrades of teaching materials for the months ahead.

A long term goal Bali Outreach is the establishment of a fund to provide for micro banking to give small inexpensive loans to establish students of the College and village women in new business venture. A fund of $25,000 - $50,000 is envisaged as being required to set this up on a full time basis.

You could help by sharing this adventure with friends - just mention the amazing manifestation that Bali Outreach has become - share our excitement with them and the website address for funding support whether the interest is in a personal sponsorship for an individual or financial support for the day to day operation.

Everything is going incredibly well - so successful and with a gathering momentum of new ideas and opportunities. This huge undertaking has being completed on schedule in less than six months (in a third world country that alone is a miracle) and is within our means to support and to grow …Bali Outreach is already truly demonstrating 'Loves Inspiration'.

Thank you to all who have helped bring about this wonderful miracle for the people of Bali.