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Living Values

In December 2008, Karuna Bali Foundation, based in Ubud, Bali, was approved as the Indonesian ALIVE Associate of the Association of Living Values Education International. The national LVE association is also known as ALIVE Indonesia, and has the mandate to develop and maintain the LVE trainers network in Indonesia. The Associate works with a number of organizations that are in line with the LVE vision, one of which is The Asia Foundation (TAF) with its implementing partners in Jakarta (Paramadina Foundation, Paramadina University, PPIM UIN Jakarta, LSAF), Yogyakarta (LKiS, Mata Pena, Puskadiabuma UIN Yogyakarta), and Ambon (ARMC IAIN Ambon, Parakletos Foundation) . Another cooperating organization is Jesuit Refugee Service with its accompaniment of internally displaced people (IDP), refugees and asylum seekers in several nodes of Indonesia.

From 2009 to 2014, The Asia Foundation and its partners actively supported LVEP development through its ”Pendidikan Menghidupkan Nilai” program, with LVE workshops for teachers and lecturers of madrasah, Islamic boarding schools, schools, and universities. One of the program’s goals is mainstreaming high quality values-based education where values can be implemented directly in daily life. Great attention was given to character based education by integrating the approach in all subjects. During the program, at least 10,119 teachers and 1.423 lecturers from schools and universities all over Indonesia were involved. The evaluation of this program was published in a book format titled “Success Stories” by TAF in the Indonesian language.

Karuna Bali Foundation as the Indonesian ALIVE Associate also implements LVE in its program, especially on Campuhan College (a one-year program for high school graduates who wish higher education) and EduCare (accompaniment for schools in rural areas which want to implement LVE). A lot of lessons have been learned, especially the need for educators to live their values totally before facilitating values awareness in students. All this ensures that the Karuna Bali Foundation can become the gold standard for implementation of LVEP in Indonesia.

Beside these programs under the foundations named above, there are many requests for training from schools and institution from all over Indonesia. In 2015, there were 48 LVE workshops, from the eastern most point of Palembang to the western most point of Ambon. In 2016, there were 41 workshops involving 1055 people. This only counts three-day Educator Workshop. There are many more one-day seminars and professional development courses.

The numbers suggest strongly that LVE has been accepted in many educational institutions. There are many challenges ahead, but the LVE trainer network in Indonesia will keep on transforming education in their beloved country.

  • Report prepared by Philip Yusenda, Budhy Munawar-Rachman and Mochamad Ziaulhaq

You can find out more about Living Values global activities from the website: www.livingvalues.net

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