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Faculty Members

Ni Wayan Yeniari - Leadership Facilitator, One Year Professional Program

I am a lover of travelling and learning. I was born and raised in Bangli but now I stay in Ubud. CAMPUHAN College is a very special place for me. Since I know CAMPUHAN College in 2007, there are a lot of miracles happen in my life. I've become more creative, courageous, confidence, cooperative, and loving. All of my wishes come true. One of them is I could continue my study to get bachelor degree in Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta after graduated from CAMPUHAN College. I feel so fortunate and blessed because I can be part of this lovely place again in July 2013.

This place is a playing ground for me to grow and help others to grow in a creative and loving way. I feel so blessed to witness my colleagues' and students' growth from their hearts and become more beautiful inside. My goal is to create a beautiful place of beautiful souls so the fragrance can reach the whole world, and everyone can get benefits from our existence :)