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Karuna Bali Admin Team

I Wayan Rustiasa - Karuna Bali Co-Founder

Wayan's passion is to 'give back' what he has received and Karuna Bali fulfills one of his greatest ambitions: to provide a place where young people of Bali can be…


Philipus Yusenda A Perdana - Program Manager

It's my ninth year in Karuna Bali Foundation. During those time, I've touched a lot of lives: staffs, students, volunteers, LVE trainers, workshop participants, donors. Some of them has gone,…


Ni Luh Warsini (Iluh) - Director

I was born in 1978 and I was graduated from a vocational school in Singaraja north of Bali in 1997. I feel very happy and very lucky, even though I…


IGA Putri Meiyani (Gung Tri) - Director of Campuhan College

I was born in Ubud on 26th of May 1987. I grew up in Ubud and study in Singaraja, North of Bali for 3 years. The first time I came…


Ni Wayan Widiani (Widi) - Finance Officer

I am so grateful to be a part of Karuna Bali and also as a first alumnae of Campuhan College. My name is Ni Nengah Widiani, I was born in…


Ni Putu Meira - Marketing Officer

My name is Ni Putu Meira Ekayanthi, an alumnae of Telkom Institute of Technology in Bandung. I am from Klungkung,┬áit's in the eastern part of Ubud Gianyar. I have been…