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Sponsorship Opportunities

Short Course Sponsorship

Option 1:  For a young person between 12-20 years seeking to gain a stronger Values based education. The student is chosen by Karuna Bali or you may nominate a particular person — in English and/or Computer skills training. You gift three tutorial sessions a week for eight weeks that offers the potential to lift their immediate income earning ability from $2 day to $10 plus a day.

Per Student:  For the 8 week course - USD 50 - USD 70 based Course Level taught.

Option 2:  The clhallenge to all schools - the diminishing of values, student leaning motivation; Twice a year we receive over a 100 students from local Ubud Senior High Schools to build their ownership of learning and to boost their motivation based on Clear Purpose.  

Included in this format:  Two day "Leadership From Within - a Journey to Sustainable Change" workshop, and three tutorial sessions a week for eight weeks in the English language to self confidence..

Working together with the school we are able to ensure sustainable impact.

Per student:  USD 70.00, Each students will contribute USD 20.00