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East West Relationship Programs

KARUNA BALI encourages interaction at all levels of the local community and enjoys the visits from travelers to Bali.  The special relationship we have with our sponsors is important to us and we do encourage their visit to Campuhan College and interaction with our EduCare programs.

Subject to space availablity you are cordially invited to join with our activities through the EduCare programs held on Sunday, most weekend. You will need to book for this experience.

Spending a Sunday with the children of a Balinese community is a most rewarding experience and one that will be treasured forever as a highlight of your visit to Bali. Fully interactive you join in the teams that work with the young people and people of the villages we visit activities.

Volunteering at the Campuhan College as an English speaker supporting our teaching staff is another.  For this activity there is a certain criteria that does have to be upheld.

Also, in the coming years we are encouraging the concept of western students spending time discovering themselves in concert with Karuna Bali ideals and values based education.

Our programs do encourage overseas students seeking to play a part in humanitarian activities and further information may be requested from our office in Australia - this aspect of our activities is coordinated through our Australian representative - Raj Miles, who can be contacted by email: raj@karunabali.com