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Living Values

Update on ALIVE Indonesia

Message from Wayan yesterday....

Elis Huwa started working for ALIVE Indonesia on 11th of September 2017 and on the 12th of September she went with Philip to Jakarta to attend a meeting with some LVE trainers and also with Budhy Munawar as one of board members of ALIVE International and that was a truly perfect timing for Elis to get as much as information that she could to begin her work.


At present she is staying with us at Sayan until she can find a place to stay and this give Iluh and I an opportunity to get to know her better and share about Karuna Bali particularly KB as ALIVE. She told us that she was being offered several jobs from several big companies but somehow she couldn’t make up her mind despite that the salary being offered was high and when Philip told her there is a vacancy in Karuna Bali, somehow without thinking further she decided to take the opportunity, she feels it is just the right thing for her to do. She feels that this time she is responding to her inner calling.


She also shared with us last night when she was sent by Jesuit to Aceh after the big tsunami hit Aceh. Seeing so many dead people and many houses and big building were completely destroyed and from that moment her life has changed in many ways, particularly in differentiating what really important in life as things can happen suddenly; all the things that we think we have can disappear just like that, including our own body. I was touched by her wisdom and was thinking how fortunate for us to have God sent her to play with us.


At the moment she is actively working with Philip exploring the things that ALIVE Indonesia has done all these years. Exploring all the filing system of ALIVE and all the records of activities for all these years and also preparing the strategic planning for the next 3 years that will be openly shared with all the trainers in Indonesia as part of creating oneness in our direction. She is very much aware that this is a huge job to undertake and she is very much aware that there are so many things that can be improved. I am so eager to hear some of her suggestions that help us to grow and to serve better.


I believe that her communication, managerial skills and all her accumulated experiences are very useful for her position and they will really help ALIVE Indonesia to bloom and to bring very significant contribution for Indonesia and the world.