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Welcome to the Friends of Karuna Bali

It's kind of unique! ……and we would love you to join us.

Why did we create this club? Because over the past ten years a lot of people have proven that they care passionately about the plight of young people in impoverished circumstances and  a reliable, trustworthy organization that can help them make a difference is fulfilling.

Does this sound like you?

Then perhaps you will like the idea of Friends of Karuna Bali.

Karuna Club members are able to contribute in relatively small amounts on a monthly basis, to suit their budget. If you are interested in 'making a difference in the world’, this is one non-profit organization where:

  1. Your money goes direct to the coal face, all the funds being are used for sponsorship of students and programs, thereby providing young people benefit from your generosity.

  2. The focus and commitment of our organization, and the team individually is in expanding the awareness of Values in our humanity, their place in our lives and thus bring improvement to the behavior of the individual, including ourselves in the process.

  3. The emotional wellbeing of our students is guaranteed through mutual respect, tolerance, humility and cooperation.

In the words of our program manager:

....."In the Balinese culture, if one member of a family is employed, income is shared by all. For a poverty level family, one employed family member often means everyone in the family has food, can better weather medical needs, can keep a child in school. One employed family member reduces poverty for a total family. The problem is, education throughout Indonesia is extremely poor. Most children never complete junior high school and if parents can afford to send their children to senior high school, students graduate with no specific employment skills and thus little ability to obtain decent paying employment… if they find any employment at all.”

It is in this cultural and economic setting that Karuna Bali Foundation starts our One Year professional program sponsorship. By joining with us you are assisting in the sponsorship of a seriously disadvantaged young person through a year of professional training. Much more than a school curriculum, here at our Campuhan College they are exposed to a real life self-management and leadership.

The successful process involves combining life skills and qualities with practical experience, generating confidence in themselves through developing computer skills and building communication awareness in social media management, graphics, multimedia and learning the English language. 'Proof is in the pudding' they say. We are excited sharing that 98% of our graduates have been hired into good paying jobs upon graduation and are now often recruited prior to graduation. It's so much more than just about good jobs though, these young people are creating change in their workplace and communities by setting the example living daily in their integrity and their new found Values.

It is really simple! You see, Karuna (Indonesian word for Compassion) Bali Foundation is dedicated to helping young Balinese get a break in life, by providing them confidence and values awareness, while gaining work skills that would otherwise be totally unavailable to them.

We are inviting you to join us in the Friends of Karuna Bali for as little as Au $20 a month or more depending on what feels right for you.

Our Invitation: It's important for us and the students to have you come visit us in Ubud, Bali to see for yourself what your Karuna Club is up to, and what a difference you are making through your involvement.

Love and Blessings,
The Team in Ubud, Bali
Karuna Bali Foundation

Financial contributions are the life blood of any assistance program and any amount is very much appreciated! Karuna Bali is fortunate that all administrative costs are funded and 100% of sponsorship donations are applied to the program nominated by the donor.

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