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Karuna Bali - an Indonesian Non-Government Organisation

Karuna Bali—YAYASAN KARUNA BALI —is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-religious Indonesian organization based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia created to assist in providing education and individual growth opportunities to the people of Bali and elsewhere.

Based on the conviction that each student carries within himself and herself an innate knowing of their natural skills and creativity, our intention is to offer them the opportunity to direct their energy into these areas and thereby grow into their full potential.


Would You Like to Volunteer?

Volunteers are welcomed - if you are interested in contributing to Karuna Bali activities in Bali, please download these two important documents on this page.

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UPDATED: Vision 2016

Through the international, UNESCO-endorsed ALIVE (LVE) program, Karuna Bali has taken on the challenge of reaching into the islands and towns of Indonesia with this beautiful and effective education system.

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What We Do

One Year Scholarship



Leadership & Communication One Year Program

The Scholarship program began in 2007, and since Karuna Bali has sponsored 185 students to attend One Year Course at Campuhan College. The program is called “Leadership and Communication...

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My Personal Experience

My Personal Experience

It is Saturday morning and I have been invited to attend a preparatory meeting at Campuhan College in Ubud, Bali, for the Rural Village Educare Program. The meeting starts at 10:30am sharp. When I arrive at the college, the place...

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