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Faculty Members

Ni Nyoman Murtini (Koming) - English Teacher

I am 23 years old female. I live on Suweta Street, Ubud. Since I was in Elementary School, I had been dreaming about doing conversation in English fluently with native speakers. Therefore, I have tried my best to learn English as much as I could. In order to reach my dream, I continued my study to Mahasaraswati Denpasar University in 2012. I took English Education study program. In the middle of May 2016, I joined Campuhan College as a part time English Teacher.

I love teaching because it is an activity where we could both teach and learn new things in similar time. Moreover, it is a fun activity when the students whose we taught could raise what they wish to be raised. By joining as a team member of Campuhan College, I do hope that I could spread happiness amongst students and staff and of course we do spread happiness to all people in the world.