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Faculty Members

I Wayan Subrata - English Teacher

My name is I Wayan Subrata, S.Pd. I live in Ubud, I was born on September 1st, 1984 in a small village named Nagi. I grew up in Hindus family and I am happy to be who I am.  I graduated from High School bearing the predicate of the best achiever student in 2003. Before attending the Mahasaraswati University, I studied in Tourism School of Ubud Cultural Tourism College for one year.  . I was employed for the first time at Komaneka Hotel on Front Office Department as guest service, and I worked there for about a year. In May 2005, I moved to The Viceroy Hotel, the hotel where I have been working for 6 years. The idea of continuing my study at Mahasaraswati University came as the hotel industry was running rather slow; therefore, I decided to study the teaching skills as well as improving my ability in mastering English at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education by choosing the English program.  Moreover, my ability in mastering English increased significantly and it made me confident to express my ideas. The best achievement I have reached is the winner of English Speech Contest organized by Mangrove Information Center cooperating with JICA foundation held in Sanur, Bali on February 28th, 2009. I finally got my undergraduate degree on March 26th, 2011.